Diesel Generator Sales And Service
(5KVA- 2500KVA)

Diesel Generator Sales And Service (5KVA- 2500KVA)

Diesel generator sales and service
(5KVA- 2500KVA)

Mangalam engineering offers an extensive range of diesel generators classifying from 5 kva to 2500 kva in a single node to meet the varied energy needs of industrial, commercial and individual customers. The DG sets from Mangalam are the most elite and exclusive choice among diverse industries including Infrastructure & Reality, IT & ITES, Healthcare & Hospitality, Agrochemical, Automobile, Agro & Aqua and manufacturing industries. Our proficiency along with expertise in the engineering field and our tie up with the major manufacturers for the last 10 years makes us more exceptional in the construction of high quality diesel engines. We are prime suppliers of silent generators known for their fuel efficiency, low emissions, perfect performance and a sincere reliability.